The war has begun … what side do you fight for?

Dec 07, 2017

Tauris started a war and now nations find themselves fighting for supremacy. Oath of Blood features many new-found alliances that find their way into the cards themselves. Whether you’re a fan of controlling the battle field until you can play powerful dragons, or the type of person who wants to break down your opponent’s forts as quickly as possible, Dragoborne’s second set has something for you to explore!


The alliance between Tir Na Nog and Logres can be highlighted in such examples as Bacchus, Patron of the Blossom. With a pair of green creatures at his side, Bacchus accelerates you into your key midgame cards and can potentially return a valuable card from your resource back to hand. But where life flourishes, death lurks not far behind. Tauris joined with Niflheim bring chaos and destruction. Darkforge Battlesmith paired with a couple of black creatures can pressure your opponent’s hand, a vital resource in Dragoborne.



However, this alliance can also be played out in several combos in the set. Starting with Green/Yellow, we have Shadow Hunter and Althanie’s Blessing. Elves make an appearance in the second set and have a theme built around cost reduction to cheat our more Elves or a big green creature otherwise. However, while they can swarm the board, they lack a little in power. If you have a yellow die with 4-6 on it, Shadow Hunter allows you to not only buff two creatures +2/+2, but draw TWO cards! This can help regain some of the resources spent from flooding the board with creatures. Look to light of Logres for other draw effects that could benefit your green strategies.


For our last pair of cards we have two that are focused purely on offense. Grimblade Fighter is great at killing our opponents Fleetwing Sprite or Redfang, Born Leader while also having enough power to battle through most Dragoshields. However, with only one endurance he will be defeated by almost any creature your opponent blocks with. Kaine, the Bane of Humans enters the field and gives us the opportunity to trade up with our opponents more expensive creatures by throwing Grimblade Fighter at them, but now we can draw a card when he dies. Niflheim has empowered Tauris with true terror that can make it difficult for your opponent to run you out of cards.

The stage is set, and this is the start of two deck ideas to work with as you look forward to Oath of Blood meta. 

Who do you fight for?

Thank you very much for reading and make sure to ask your local game shop about upcoming Dragoborne events!

Matt Kozmor
Six Sages Gaming