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Strike Hard, Fast, and Accurately

Aug 18, 2017

Rally to War is finally out and with that I can finally get down to some real constructed play instead of theory crafting. Some players might feel overwhelmed by the card list (well, most of them) and do not know where to start. For starters, I just went with what I always liked to play. Fast and aggressive plays.

As I went through the list, I cobbled up a deck with my gut feeling.


2 Standard of Tauris

1 Shield of Logres


4 Elegant Fencer

4 Goblin Madcap

4 Goblin Toestabber

4 Sahrg, Renowned Bladesmith

4 Carefree Orc

2 Sanctuary Enforcer

3 Bountiful Angel

4 Ravian, Battlefield Shrieke

4 Glauce, Will of Steel

3 Burbo, Shrewd Merchant

2 Vylon, Great Horned General

2 Replenish the Ranks

4 Hidden Blade

4 Pyroblast

2 Fafneer, Volatile Fire


2 Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma

2 Harpy Embermage

4 Torch

2 Goblin-made Avalanche



The deck is pretty much mostly red cards as I found them simple, quick, and efficient. Goblin Madcap and Sahrg, Renowned Bladesmith both deal damage when destroyed, and are costed at 1. This makes them efficient fodders for attacking to force a bad trade or block from your opponent. Goblin Toestabber deals 1 damage to a Dragoshield immediately once it enters the field and that 1 damage may just be the key to breaking a Dragoshield in one hit.

The deck runs very minimal ambush type cards. But quantity does not always mean quality. It is also true for this deck as well. A well timed Ravian, Battlefield Shrieker or Pyroblast may prove devastating to your opponent’s field and leave them weakened and vulnerable for attacks from you.

Opponent getting high rolls every turn? Fear not. Burbo, Shrewd Merchant is here to offer weapons to your creatures by giving them all +1 attack each. The best type of battle is where you can win without fighting. Vylon, Great Horned General is here to show why he is the brain of Tauris. For every other red creature I summon, I get to choose an opposing Dragoshield, and deal 2 damage. Also, if my red die was free, I can simply just Dragocross it to damage a Dragoshield as well. Dragoshield, never heard of them. Last but not least, what is a game of Dragoborne if I do not even have a dragon in the deck? Fafneer, Volatile Fire has a very strong board presence once it enters, it directly destroy a Dragoshield and a 5 endurance and below creature. It probably means game over for my opponent if he/she has no answer.

As the deck focuses on fast game plans, running out of cards in hand may be the cause of my downfall. With that in mind, I turned to Logres for draw. Bountiful Angel and Elegant Fencer can ensure that I have a healthy hand size even when playing a lot of cards per turn. Replenish the Rank is a situational free draw or draw 3, but as it is costed at 4, I lowered the number to two pieces as I do not want it to be stuck in my hand during the early game.

However, this deck is not without drawbacks. Most of the creatures have very low endurance and are very vulnerable to removals. I have to be careful of triggering ambushes or over extending too much and losing too many creatures. As long I can keep up the relentless assault on my opponent’s fort, each game should be a fast and decisive one.

If I ever find myself facing problems with blockers, I can always sideboard in Torch, Goblin-made Avalanche and most definitely Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma. The spells will help clear out key blockers at an opposing fort. Also the fort burst of Torch is a huge plus.

Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma is on a different level from anything that burns. Personally, I love to combo this with Laelania’s Call fort burst to wreak havoc on my opponent’s turn. But putting in Laelania’s Call is not feasible here. Also, I prefer Fafneer, Volatile Fire a bit more because it feels easier to play and achieve the same result with 1 cost lower. So this card ends up being in the side board.

This deck feels like a good starting point for me and it feels good enough to hold its grounds. I will definitely be exploring more with it and hopefully rack up some good results. With that, I hope that everyone can have a great time building their own deck. Be bold! Be Aggressive! ONWARDS!

By Jonathan Tan

Developer, Dragoborne -Rise to Supremacy-