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Nov 30, 2017

The first ever North America Dragoborne Champion was crowned on the 19th of November at Anaheim, California, after an intense battle that saw neither side budge until the final fort was taken down.

Duncan Yeung
Deck: YOLO


2          Banner of Tauris
1          Curse of Niflheim


4          Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma
3          Albert, Plague Spreader
2          Sinister Festering Stringman
4          Glauce, Will of Steel
4          Carefree Orc
4          Harpy Huntress
4          Carbuncle Imp
2          Wandering Apparition
4          Goblin Madcap
4          Highlands Rogue
4          Goblin Toestabber
4          Sahrg, Renowned Bladesmith
4          Gluttony of Albert
2          Adraste's Disdain
3          Earthcrack


3          Fafneer, Volatile Fire

3            Ravian, Battlefield Shrieker
2            Spleenshooter Goblin
Sinster Festering Stringman



Henry Chen
Deck Name: My Ambition


2          Banner of Tauris
1          Runemark of Tir na Nog


4          Hrist of the Infernal Blades
3          Highlands Rogue
4          Goblin Toestabber
4          Sahrg, Renowned Blademsith
4          Carefree Orc
2          Ingenious Saboteurs
4          Augmented Sniper
4          Goblin Stalker
4          Shrouded Stalker
3          Burbo, Shrewd Merchant
3          Hidden Blade
4          Glauce, Will of Steel
3          Mischievious Sprite
4          Ferocity Unleashed


2          Doomfire Avatar

4            Eldrun, Lord of the Blaze
4            Fafneer, Volatile Fire


The final bout featured a to and fro battle from both sides. Duncan’s Yolo deck had a tough time defending against Henry’s My Ambition deck rampage in the first game and its defense crumbled under the relentless assault.

However, after sideboarding for the second round, he built up a strong defense against his opponent’s aggression, using cards like Gluttony of Albert and Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma clear off any potential threats right from the start. This was also when Ravian, Battlefield Shrieker, a card he had sideboarded in, shone. It cleared all opposing creatures with 2 or less EDR before they even had a chance to attack.

He also planned out the pace of his attacks, making sure that his opponent never had too many cards in hand that could lead to a counter attack in the next turn.

It all boiled down to the third and final round. Both player played to the best of their abilities, but as we all know too well, there can only be 1 victor. Hrist of the Infernal Blades was dominating the board at first but a well-executed combination of Albert, Plague Spreader, Sahrg, Renowned Bladesmith, and Carefree Orc destroyed it. 

Though Hrist of the Infernal Blades was later brought back to the battlefield, as it was not able to summon additional creatures, it was unable to bring back the previous tempo. Another card that failed to make its appearance this round was Ferocity Unleashed, which could have turned the tide of battle again.

Once the tempo was lost, Duncan capitalized on it and took control of the battlefield. Playing the same way he did in round 2, he took down the final fort and with it the game, earning him the title of the first North America Dragoborne Champion!

If this article didn’t do enough justice for you about how exciting the final was, catch it on our YouTube channel tomorrow and watch just how these Dragobornes battled their way to supremacy!

By Jonathan Tan

Developer, Dragoborne -Rise to Supremacy-