Mission Possible: Building a Deck with Oath of Blood

Dec 05, 2017

There are many ways to build a deck in Dragoborne.  Find a card you like and build around it, or choose a Creature Type and populate your deck with as many of them as possible, or even just take the best cards and try to fit them all in.  For all the players out there that aren’t sure what to build, Oath of Blood has provided several helpful examples on what kinds of decks are possible.  Let’s explore a few, and get you started on some deck ideas.


Mission Possible: Building a Deck with Oath of Blood

Dec 05, 2017

Control the Board, Control the Play

In the various play groups around the world, I’ve heard talk of a lot of different cards.  One card I found to be interesting but conspicuously absent from most of the discussion was The First Daughter.  It has a powerful ability to make Summoned Creatures come into play rested, but only if the Creature has an ATK value lower than it.

The First Daughter’s ability to control the pace of play is a powerful tempo tool for control decks, but comes with a few problems.  First off, it not only affects your opponent, but yourself as well.  Secondly, it’s hard to find a way to improve this Unit’s ATK without a Dragocross.  Finally, it costs 5, meaning that even when going second it’s coming down on Turn 2, which may too late to deal with aggressive decks.  To handle these issues, you’ll want to focus on defense on your first couple of turns.  Wide removal like Death and Decay can help to slow an opponent's aggression before you're ready, Resource removal like Remorseful Succubus or Devour can halt more defensive decks from playing stronger ATK Creatures, and Stat boosters like Stormbranch, Knowledge of Ages and Dragocrossing The First Daughter help it reach a higher ATK, enabling it to lock down more Creatures.

The general play you’ll want to follow is to disrupt your opponent early, then play The First Daughter.  If you can remove enough of their resources, you’ll lock your opponent out of the game with your removal long enough that you can finish off an opponent who cannot defend, even if they have cards in hand.  I would recommend going with Green, Blue, and Black as your initial Banners.

Control the Board, Control the Play by Bren Olit


1          Runemark of Tir na Nog
1          Insignia of Olous
1          Curse of Niflheim


4          Augmented Sniper
2          Mischievous Sprite
3          Redfang, Born Leader
4          Remorseful Succubus
4          Stormbranch, Knowledge of Ages
3          The Nightingale
2          Voice of the Living World
3          Amnat the Omniscient
3          Telios, Erstwhile Guardian
3          The Keeper
3          Bloody Baroness
4          The First Daughter
3          Nature's Touch
4          Death and Decay
3          Seafarer's End
2          Devour

The Tides Fall, The Waves Arise

Oath of Blood introduces attribute support, which is mainly decks built around a single Creature archetype, to the game of Dragoborne.  A deck based around Machines is one such deck, and it all revolves around The End of Tides.  The End of Tides is quite an amazing specimen of a card.  A powerful card that’s able to strike all Forts in one attack, while also removing blockers with its Dragocross ability, and all you need to do is get a measly 8 Machine Creatures into the Discard Pile.  Sounds simple, right?

The first obstacle we’ll notice is that we need to get eight Machines into our Discard Pile.  For that, we’ll need to use cards like The Experiment and Devastator Boar to get cards into our Discard Pile.  It’s the quickest way to get Machine Creatures discarded, and we’re using Machine cards to do it.  Once we have at least six Machine in your Discard Pile, we can then use Vessel of the End for one final push to get to eight, then summon The End of Tides from our hand.  Now what?

Well, the two main things that can stop The End of Tides are Ambushes and Fort Burst effects.  Ambushes can stop or even destroy The End of Tides without much of a fuss, while Fort Bursts can limit the destruction of barriers, or even nullify it altogether.  Thankfully, Tir Na Nog has our answer to these two problems in Eleanor, Queen of Storm and Amarok, Lone Avenger.

The final aspect is that The End of Tides doesn’t really get to do enough when it attacks.  Sure, it can rest blockers, but if there’s a lot of blockers, or Dragoshields available, it won’t get to do damage.  And even if it does get through, that’s only one damage, and you’ll need follow-up attackers to deal with the remaining forts.  You can break each fort once, forcing an opponent to have to defend all three weakened forts, but a card like Aldienne, Verdant Protector can just move Forts around to better defend against the incoming attack.  You’re better off using a combination of tactics and support cards, like Power of a Conqueror and Violent Gale, to help stem the tide.

The general play you’ll want to follow is to strike hard early, forcing an opponent into a weaker defensive position, while moving Machine Creatures to your Discard Pile via effects.  With access to resource acceleration and card draw, consistency comes naturally.  Once you’ve played The End of Tides, your support cards should ensure a quick and decisive victory.  I would recommend going with two Green and one Blue banner to start, but you can exchange the second Green banner for Yellow (for Yvel, Lord of the Skies) or Black (for Death Trap) to suit your tastes. 

The Tides Fall, The Waves Arise by Bren Olit


2          Runemark of Tir na Nog
1          Insignia of Olous


4          The Experiment
4          Augmented Sniper
3          Shadow Hunter
3          Amarok, Lone Avenger
4          Devastator Boar
3          Eleanor, Queen of Storm
4          Hajime, Righteous Blade
4          Variable Assault Unit, Fuuma
4          Vessel of the End
3          Fleur, Tide of Avarice
4          The End of Tides
3          Power of a Conqueror
4          Sky and Earth
3          Violent Gale

Never Finishing Second, Always Hrist

If you’re a player who doesn’t care much for strategy, and just wants to attack and win quickly, Oath of Blood gave you a new and impressive card in Hrist of the Infernal Blades.  Hrist gives you the opportunity to attack more than six times in a turn thanks to her ability, and multiple copies can give you even more attacks.  It’s quite simple to do, all you need is a 1-cost or 2-cost Creature on top of your deck.  Shouldn’t be that hard, right?

It’s important to keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses of any strategy.  Obviously, Hrist can fail if you hit a spell or a Creature that isn’t 2-cost, so even if you don’t run any spells Hrist being a 3-cost gives you some cards in the deck that will fail.  Thankfully, we can fix the top cards of our deck with Canopy Scout, allowing us to know exactly the card we’ll be summoning into play.  We also know that Fort Bursts can and will be a problem for any aggressive deck.  Thankfully, we have Goblin Stalker won’t trigger any Fort Bursts during its attack, and it’s a 2-cost to boost!

More than that, however, we need cheap creatures that have an impact and aren’t just bodies with no effects during the attack phase.  This means that we should try to shy away from Creatures that only have Dragocross or Siphon abilities, and try to find some that have abilities that can work outside of the Main Phase.  Besides Tauris, Logres has the biggest amount of low-cost Creatures that do something when summoned or when attacking.  Sanctuary Enforcer, Logres Swiftblade, and Sunscale Ascetic can help with varied effects that you just can’t find in Tauris.

The general play is that starting out, you’ll want to mulligan for Hrist, and utilize her ability to act as both a Shieldbreaker and a card replenisher.  You are then free to use the cards in your hand for aggression or support as needed, and even play Ambushes.  Your opponent will not be able to keep up with the amount of attackers you have each turn, and eventually will fall to the relentless aggression.  I would recommend going with the Red, Green, and Yellow banner for a quick and aggressive start.

Never Finishing Second, Always Hrist by Bren Olit


1          Runemark of Tir na Nog
1          Shield of Logres
1          Standard of Tauris


3          Elegant Fencer
4          Elven Bladesmith
3          Goblin Toestabber
3          Highlands Rogue
3          Sahrg, Renowned Bladesmith
3          Tanglewood Druid
3          Augmented Sniper
4          Canopy Scout
3          Carefree Orc
4          Goblin Stalker
2          Logres Swiftblade
3          Sanctuary Enforcer
3          Burbo, Shrewd Merchant
4          Hrist of the Infernal Blades
3          Kingslayer Bee
2          Althaine's Blessing

And There’s Much More!

The three decks above aren’t the only way to build or the only archetypes available in Oath of Blood, but hopefully I’ve provided you with a little bit of insight in knowing what to look for, examples on how to build, and even a few jumping-off points if you just want to build a deck you might like.  After all, you are one of the few Dragoborne, so the way you use your power is up to you.

By Bren Olit