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Asia-Oceania Championship - Japan Qualifiers!

Aug 30, 2017

The battle for supremacy has begun. Dragoborne in Japan have put up a fierce battle but in the end, only one can stand at the top! We know everyone’s wondering what everyone else around the world has been playing, so we’re here to showcase the decklists of players who managed to claim the top spot! Today’s list comes to you from the land of the rising sun itself, Japan!


1            Standard of Tauris                                           

1            Insignia of Olous                                              

1            Runemark of Tir na Nog                                



4           Carefree Orc                                                      

4           Doomfire Avatar                                              

3           Fafneer, Volatile Fire                                      

3           Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma                    

4           Torch                                                                    

4           Fleetwing Sprite                                              

4           Kingslayer Bee                                                 

4           Redfang, Born Leader                                   

2           Mischievous Sprite                                         

2           Eleanor, Queen of Storm                             

2           Chromatic Disturbance                                

2           Variable Assault Unit, Fuuma                    

4           Aquatic Battle Unit, Hydra                          

4           Rejuvenate                                                        

4           EMP           


1                Fafneer, Volatile Fire                                      

1                Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma                     

2               Mischievous Sprite                                          

3               Nature’s Touch                                                 

2               Hidden Arts, Reverse Thunderstrike       

1               Variable Assault Unit, Fuuma                      


Players have been gravitating heavily towards Tauris and Tir na Nog, and for good reason. Izarco-Tvash, Born of Magma and Fafneer, Volatile Fire are extremely powerful, tide-turning cards, and being able to play these dragons out early is one of the easiest ways to swing the tempo in your favor - hence the inclusion of resource accelerators like Fleetwing Sprite and Redfang, Born Leader.

This deck, however, makes a solid case for Olous, with a finisher in Aquatic Battle Unit, Hydra, some card draw in Rejuvenate and an excellent offensive/defensive option in E.M.P.. These are choice picks from Olous, and helps to make up for the deck’s inherent lack of draw power while providing some nice utility. The deck also packs one of my personal favorites, Variable Assault Unit, Fuuma, a powerful tempo tool and soft removal against pesky blockers.

After you’ve managed to get your big hitters out, it’s just a matter of clearing the path for them to really go to town on your opponent’s forts, so Eleanor, Queen of Storm and Mischievous Sprite are easy inclusions.

The deck can turn the tables against aggressive decks as well, with the inclusion of Carefree Orc and Doomfire Avatar, both of which can deal damage to opposing creatures with their effects, picking off the opponent’s board while also applying a modicum of pressure. Torch is also included for some added removal.

We also see interesting options in the sideboard - two Ambush cards, Hidden Arts, Reverse Thunderstrike and Nature’s Touch. Reverse Thunderstrike truly shines when you’re able to let your creatures block an additional time each, and would likely find a spot against opposing decks with low attack values. Nature’s Touch is a great card to use to protect high-priority cards like Hydra or Eleanor, while also allowing you to re-use Izarco-Tvash, Fafneer, and Fuuma’s abilities.

The deck can be played in one of two styles; resource acceleration leading into slamming down big dragons, or board control/tempo leading into slamming down big dragons. Either way, dragons will be slamming down, so in my books, this is a great deck!

By Matthew Lee

Developer, Dragoborne -Rise to Supremacy-